While Rome Burns

Episode 103: The Great Antioch Earthquake of 526 CE

August 16, 2020

We as humans enjoy the security of solid earth beneath us. We step out of our door each day certain that the ground beneath our feet will be there. But mother nature loves to remind us that while humans may think of themselves as masters of the natural world, we are merely another species at the mercy of this planet's tectonic plates. But do not worry. The ground is still stable here: So sit back, relax, and let me tell you a story... While Rome Burns.

Today's background music is “Before the Storm” by TabletopAudio.com under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial non-derivatives 4.0 International License. Find more of their work at TabletopAudio.com.

Cover Art by Igor Nunes. You can contact him for commissions on twitter @Whyccan. Find more of his art by going to Whyccan.Artstation.com Thank you for listening to While Rome Burns. Our next episode releases August 30th, 2020. While

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